How do you decide which Real Estate Agent is best?

Smart home sellers pick an agent based on:

  • Marketing Skill
  • Experience
  • Trust

Inexperienced sellers pick an agent that quotes the highest selling price.

1. Digital Marketing Plan.

The Internet has completely changed the rules for selling homes. 90% of buyers find homes online before they call. Therefore, the best Real Estate Agent will present you with a complete marketing plan using the latest online tools to sell your home. This means listing your home in all the top national real estate websites. It means providing interested buyers with easy access to great photographs and accurate information. But most importantly, it means a direct connection to someone who can “sell” the advantages of your home.

A potential buyer who is directed to an answering machine on Saturday at 6 pm is a lost sale for you. Before you choose an agent, call them after business hours and see if they answer the phone!

2. Experience.

Experience comes into play when it is time to negotiate an offer. Price is only one component.

For example, an experienced Real Estate Agent will help you decide between a higher offer on your house with changes to the original contract, or a lower offer without changes. An inexperienced agent will just present you with confusing options and say “you decide.

3. Trust.

Trust is the most important factor when choosing a Realtor. You are going to give them personal financial information. You are going to give them the keys to your house. You are going to let them into your house when you are not there. You have to trust that they are going to treat your home and family as though it were their own.

Not sure who to trust? Google the Agent’s name and website. Read what their buyers and sellers have to say. Don’t be afraid to ask for references.

In addition, a good Realtor doesn’t depend on a contract forcing you to stay with them for a set time period. They want you to trust that they will work harder than anyone else to sell your home.

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What About Selling Price?

Don’t choose a Real Estate Agent based on a single number they tell you your house is worth. A good agent will give you a price range based on many variables, and their experience with similar homes in your area. Your initial asking price can then be adjusted depending on how long you are willing to wait for a sale.

An agent that recommends an inflated selling price to get your listing – but never has any showings – isn’t a good agent.

What’s Next?

1. If you’re ready to list your home for sale, start by getting the names of 2-3 Real Estate Agents in your area. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, use Facebook, or use Google to find professional Realtors.

2. Call each agent and arrange an interview in your home. If they send someone else on their “team” you may not get the service you deserve.

3. During the interview, focus on the 3 most important items: the marketing plan, experience and trust.

4. The suggested price range to sell your home should be approximately the same for each of the Realtors. If one is much higher or lower, it should be a “red flag” that may mean bad preparation or inexperience.

Still Have Questions?

Call Jennifer Tremaine now at (810) 252-3827. Even if you’re not sure if you are ready to sell your home, she’ll take the time to answer all your questions.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be hard or confusing – if you pick the right realtor. Jennifer will earn your trust.